the other side of night

A good time to start the blog – it’s Spring weather (or is that summer … spring never lasts for more than about a few days in Shanghai) outside after several months of greyness, and I arose at 6am to complete a very satisfying corporate shoot out on the streets & in the parks of Jing An district.

Man – difficult to get out of bed, but once out and about a real pleasure to be apart of the other side of night … so early in the morning, a whole different world operates at this hour. Photographed in the local park … tai chi, exercising and dance. And not a soul under about the age of 60 … come on people, where are all the young things and middle aged – get your minds and bodies into shape! … don’t just sleep in and write blogs.


2 thoughts on “the other side of night

  1. The website is fantastic! Portraits are so unique and incredible, would love to purchase one. I am looking forward to seeing the film section!

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