Seoul enough

Arrived late yesterday afternoon. enough time to get to the hotel, through my bags in the room, head out of the hotel and onto the streets before the last rays of light head the horizon (or below the top floors of the cityscape as it were). Some great street action happening in and around Namdaemun MArket area.

Today, not much sun, and plenty of inclemency with rain  from mid afternoon, but great atmospheric imagery in the downtown and nearby the recently renovated inner city stream Cheoggyecheon (now, how’s that pronounced?). I was adventurous in sampled numerous trad Korean street foods – mostly fried fare, but hey, it’s only for a day.

Yes, you’re right, I did say that. I did say 50 000 Korean Won, but that was for one lens. So that makes it 100 000 for the two … Oh, and then there’s another 20 000 for the frames, which’ll make it 120 000. Fair?

Now, Jenny … you did say this was Eels, umm, you know, whatyamacallits … right?

Ugh, Ken … ahhhh, I thing i … ughh, nnnn ahh … skewed ma tongue …

Hang on, you did say that Gucci stall was to the left, right?

Nightlife reflections off a BMW (it just wouldn’t have worked with a Datsun).


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