Going Dutch

In the past couple weeks since returning from Seoul I’ve been busy with work – print sales (from my Shanghai Noir series), corporate portraits, magazine portraits (Forbes Asia) and a fun reportage shoot for HK’s South China Morning Post magazine on the re instigation (after a hiatus of 71 years) of the annual football grudge match between teams of England & Scotland, the Prentice-Skottowe Cup 2012. It’s not often you get an opportunity to do reportage for magazines these days, so I relished the chance. I’ll post some of these pix later.

All worked out well, each shoot has it’s positives and produced results. I also got to continue my Shanghai ‘Burbs project, at night following the conclusion of the football game, out in the far flung suburbs on northern Pudong. While out there I took chance to get some night shots of construction sites … the ‘burbs, folks, they just keep getting bigger.

I include a portrait from the shoot with international economist Harald Benink for the Van Lanschot Bank magazine in The Netherlands.

Harald Benink, for Van Lanschot Bank magazine


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