It needed more than a brave heart to beat the English in the recent rekindling of the  Prentice-Skottowe Cup , Shanghai’s erstwhile ( from 1908 thru to 1941) annual soccer battle between Scotland & England. The Scots can at least salvage something from the game and boast that they were up 3-1 at halftime. Unfortunately their kilts ran out of legs to a generally younger, faster Brit team who came home strongly to finish 5-3. It all looked fun from the sidelines where I shot a feature for HKs SCMP The Post magazine (published 29 April ’12). The Scots were working on beating the Brits during the ‘3rd half’ – at the post match drinking shenanigans – before I took off.

In the past couple weeks I’ve shoot another portrait for Forbes Asia, shoot for Australia’s Real Business magazine, directed TV footage of Ireland’s National Food Board launch in Shanghai for screening on their national broadcaster RTE, and signed on for a weeks shoot with Europe’s leading solar technology magazine Photon.

And here are a few pix from the SCMP assignment …

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2 thoughts on “Braveheart

  1. Interesting my grandfather won the Skottowe cup in 1925. I have a small silver commemorative cup marking the occasion.

    Do you know if the Shanghai Scottish sports club still going?

    • HI, thanks for comment. I’d hope the Skottowe Cup is still going on annually, if not the official SH Scotish Club. I shot this in 2012 – have since left SH
      but I suggest you google to find out. Good Luck!

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