On The Road

I’ve been on the road for the last while, hence not so good on updates with the blog. Before leaving Shanghai I had a week long shoot with German photovoltaic solar magazine Photon. Too much post production work involved with that – demanding client – the following week. Then to Beijing to cover a feature on Giorgio Armani – what a hoot. Lots of bling around that one, and backstage to his big event was a blast.

I had a couple days off walking my elder sister and her partner John through the streets of BJ before flying to Dalian on another shoot. World’s away from the events of Armani, here I visited the ship building docks of Cosco to document the engine installation on a ship being converted to an oil platform for a corporate client. I was like a kid in a jungle-gym playground, clambering up stairs, ladders, funnels to get the best views. Fun. I was getting used to early starts taxiing to airports by now, flying to Qingdao the following day to do a shoot on the port facilities for another magazine. I had time enough to have a look around the district built by the Germans in the early 20th century –  some fine architecture.

Mid week I was back to Shanghai, where the weather had transformed from before I’d left into unrivalled humidity. Here’s a photo of myself w sister Suzette and John in BJ.


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