Perhentian monitors, monkeys and marvels

What water, what a relief to get out of China’s sweltering heat and thick hazy skies. Fly direct to KL then a short hop up an dover to Kota Bharu for a taxi ride down the east coast to Kuala Besut to stay in a 2 Star cheapie hotel for a short night before an early morning jet boat across to Perhentian Islands 10 nautical miles off shore. Bliss. And there’s Vanessa, contemplating a deeper tan , roasting under the rays of a clear blue sky.And I went to the jungle, a trek down to Flora Bay … and ran into a f**king huge two metre long monitor lizard. Startled by my advance through the long grass, he sprints his muscular legs a step infront of me.  It dives into a pool adjacent to the trail … why is it so shy when so powerful?

I’m back at the beach, a bloody amazing view for a sweaty me. Perhentian Island Resort beach … powdery white sand, body temperature aquamarine transparent waters.

 Back at the rustic bungalow, a whiskey before bed. A wake up stretch and out the door for breakfast at the beachfront restaurant .. hot tea, scrambled eggs, baked beans, toast, fruit …. back to the bungalow before hitting the beach to snorkel out into the blue yonger and I pass the local family of dusky leaf monkeys munching on their breakfast of breadfruit …

… a marvel for enlivened mind and eyes. Keep you posted …. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Perhentian monitors, monkeys and marvels

  1. fantastic website philip! I really enjoyed the monkey photos and the beach ones to. You’re extremely lucky to visit those nice beaches. Good luck on the blog!


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