Armani courts China – cover story

I had the great fortune and pleasure to photograph the cover story for The Australian Financial Review Magazine’s September 2012 issue on “Giorgio Armani courts China”.

Working with writer Marion Hume, we gained carte blanche (well, more or less depending on the whims of his PR crew) to hang with maestro  Armani – and his omnipresent entourage – in the lead up to his ‘For One Night Only’ event in Beijing on 31st May. It was a swanky do, with a roll call of A Listers, a huge PR event  for the Armani fashion label in China. Mary J Bligh performed centre stage following the catwalk parade.

It’s a rarity these days to have a publisher push for and pay a writer and photographer to pursue a feature story that isn’t cemented in it’s agenda prior to the pursuit. A great team effort. Many thanks to my long standing Art Directing cohort at The Fin Mag Mr Tony Rice – the best AD you could hope to have as collaborator. And thanks also to The Fin’s International Fashion Editor and the story’s writer Marion Hume for her stubborn pursuit of the story, with the full support of Editor-in-Chief Jeni Porter.

What I remember most about it all? Craning my neck to photograph the 6′ 2″ (in their heels) wafer thin models backstage.


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