Being Eyeballed by a Big Hulking Bodyguard

Another point-of-view of my shoot with Armani … The big hulking bodyguard –

Oh, and that’s Mary J Bligh dressed in white behind him awaiting her stage call. A little intimidating you could say, but there are unforeseen moments you have to deal in any shoot. Standing right in front of me, a star, but partly obscured by her very large aforementioned bodyguard. Should I shoot, or should I put the camera down. Will he grab my camera, turn me into minced meat, or shall I try my luck? Well too good an opportunity to just let it walk by I thought, so I banged a couple shots off, doing my level best to ignore the ‘I’ll crush you into little pieces you punk-assed snapper!’ look from the hulk. I survived, Mary J went in to perform, and my guess is the bodyguard has continued using that killer look on quite a few other photographers since – may be to more effect than here.


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