Short Film “Going Back’

Apologies to all those out there in the blogosphere … my posts have been far less frequent this past year. I’ve nonetheless been busy with photography work, and have made a couple documentary shorts during this time, Going Back being one of them. Filming my wife’s Italian sojourn, where she reconnected with family, food and ambience. While traveling she has some unexpected realisations.

Going Back (6 mins) – Please click on the image to view the filmGoing-Back-cover-image



Hi, I’d like to share this short film (< 3mins) I made of my great-auntie Eva … click on the image to view

A morning tea spent with my great auntie, at her unit in the retirement facility where she’s lived for more than 10 years. Her incapacities restrict her movements, and she no longer leaves the premises, yet her stoicism sees her through. Musing on her day to day life she seems quietly content.

Morning Tea with Auntie Eva