Liminal: A Summer In Between

Liminal: A Summer In Between I’d like to share with everyone my completed photo journal series Liminal: A Summer In Between from 2010.

I’ve only just now put the complete works on my web site. If was from a challenging and confronting period in the wake of the all consuming GFC of 2008. I’d left my base in Shanghai for San Francisco, and then faced having to relocate back to Shanghai a year later, as a freelancer, at the same time as taking on board the welfare of my fiancee (now wife) and my kids schooling in San Francisco. Straddling Europe, the US, Australia and Asia. It seemed life and career were in limbo. Thankfully life’s moved on, as has my career. Looking back on the journal, it’s a reminder of that troubled passage. Still, that’s life, deal with it as it comes at you, and I’m grateful for having lived through it.

A couple samples here …

And please take a look at the full series – click on either of the images here, or go to:

Liminal: A Summer In Between







Happy Holidays


Christmas Card 2012

Ever Christmas I challenge myself to design a Seasonal Card for an emailer … they usually end up as different forms of collage – photos mixed with sketches and handwritten text. This one was inspired indirectly by my mother Elvein … after I become riveted and lost in fascination looking through an selection of her old family photos. I like the feeling generated here, it crosses boundaries in time: a collage of family members across decades from 1920s through 1970s. The background image is from a family road trip up the west coast of Australia in a Holden Kingswood station wagon in about ’65. That’s me standing outside the caravan between my brother Christopher and sister Babette. My eldest sister Suzette has been superimposed at the doorway from ’73, and other sister Glennis, circa ’55, looks a little lost at the far right infront of the Model T. My mother is centre stage, appearing again as a young girl (holding the banner aloft) in the background, and with her parents as a new born. Her husband John, my father, stands proudly in his Army uniform circa 1943 at far left. Three generations … connected in spirit.

Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas and, as the banner declares, All The Best For 2013